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Araucana – The hen, that lays blue eggs


The Araucana breed of chicken is famous for it’s blue eggs. Here comes the question are they more delicious, than ordinary eggs. No, the blue eggs are with the the same taste as ordinary eggs,  however they look better on the kitchen table, and this may cause subliminal effect in people’s minds to think they have better taste. As a result of interbreeding of the Araucana with other breeds, with the purpose of gaining more eggs, some hens of the breed lay blue-green eggs. The eggs of this breed are very healthy, because they contain extremely low levels of cholesterol.


The Araucana is a very tough breed. They can adapt to different environments pretty easy and they can survive to conditions, in which other breeds would get ill or die. The additional feathering they have on their head helps them warm themselves when it is cold. Their dense eyebrows protects them from the sun and helps them find food easier.